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"Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 "

A Great Companion to the Book!!!

Herein lies a scrupulously documented account of a clandestine agenda
by those claiming to be illuminated, which is based on unprecedented access to previously undisclosed documents. Even Leonardo da Vinci's hidden code will be revealed right before your very eyes as this research takes you further than any other prophetic work on the subject has ever gone. The audio version is a riveting exposé which boldly walks the
listener right up to Satan's doorstep and introduces him to you.

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What do George Bush, Princess Diana, Mel Gibson, Harry Potter, UFO's and Prince William all have in common?  ... Plenty!!! 

Get informed, get "Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666"!

Eden's link between the Garden of Eden and the End of Time is an
explosive one.

"A spectacular portrayal of good versus evil in many areas of
phenomena facing society in end times."

Dr. Joye Pugh drops a bomb on the world with her unquestionable
prediction of who the Antichrist is, in a follow up to her earlier work.
"ANTICHRIST - The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ." As mind- boggling
as her discoveries seem, they are based on historical facts and
scientific analysis. She blows the whistle on hidden esoteric knowledge
which Secret Societies are promoting as part of their
"New World Order" agenda.

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"Antichrist: The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ"

In this believable and highly readable book, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh pieces
together the jigsaw puzzle regarding the end of the ages. Dr. Pugh's
earliest research uncovered links to the cloning of the Antichrist.
The sequence of events that have lead her to this conclusion will amaze
you and give you an alarming vision of what the New Millennium will bring. 
Through this book, you will gain the background needed to prepare for the
rise of the Antichrist, which is fast approaching.  Every person on this planet
will be affected. Find out how you can save yourself and those you love
from the "Greatest Deception The World Has Ever Known -  A Wolf in
Sheep's Clothing."


Eden - The Knowledge of Good and Evil

How does the world's most elaborate and complex puzzle come
together in this generation? Find out in Eden, an informative
encyclopedia of never released information unmasking the sinister
goals and hidden agendas of a wizard of a lizard. Here are just
some of the facts you will learn in this eye-opening 420 page
non-fiction research:

* Did the forbidden fruit genetically modify mankind - pg. 29
* Was Cain really Satan's son - pg. 32
* Were Canaanite gods really serpents - pg. 48
* Did 2 Arks survive the Great Flood - pg. 71
* How do the 12 tribes of Abrham compare to Satan's
13 Illumanti Bloodlines - pg. 85
* Were Giants really hybrids - pg. 101
* Who is the synagogue of Satan - pg. 124
* What is the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdelene - pg 156
* Is the Shroud of Turin the Holy Grail - pg 159
* Is cancer the result of an alchemical experiment gone bad - pg. 172
* What is Sacred Harmonic Geometry - pg. 183
* Has Jesus been cloned - pg. 204
* What is evil about "As Above - So Below" - pg. 231
* Electrolyte imbalances and demonic forces - pg. 239
* What secret did Pres. Kennedy know that cost him his life - pg. 252
* Hitler killed the Jews for what purpose - pg. 261
* Is St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes nearing completion - pg. 281
* Tesla technology and the Mark of the Beast - pg. 286
* Why are animals and humans getting sick from food - pg. 296
* Are aliens really fallen angels - pg. 309
* Can remote viewers really deal with another dimension - pg. 317
* Was Princess Diana in her own words really an incubator - pg. 339
* What will really happen in 2012 and in 2018 - pg. 382

Eden encompasses over 30 years of research. It proves that truth is
a lot stranger than fiction and that the Secret being so promoted in estoteric circles really involves 2 choices : Good or Evil. Eden is not a bedtime story but a wake-up call to Christians and non-Christians
as to what is going on all around us. After reading Eden, you will never be the same because the research will force you to make a choice — one that will greatly affect your eternity.

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BEGUILED ~ Eden to Armageddon Vol.1,2,&3

The World’s most complex puzzle concerning just who is the coming Antichrist is openly revealed in the BEGUILED Series, Volume One, Two and Three. This trilogy of in-depth research, carefully combining both ancient histories with today’s headlines, ties together the truth concerning the seed lines that came out of Eden and moved through history. BEGUILED reveals secrets never before known so the reader can visibly and mentally comprehend the agenda that Satan has planned in order to rule the world as the Serpent Messiah and King.


• How the Holy Shroud was defiled (pg. 23)
• Did the British control shroud research? (pg. 35)
• What produced the image on the Shroud? (pg. 38)
• Did cloning occur from blood on the shroud? (pg. 51)
• What is Luciferian initiation? (pg. 60)
• Is God’s Holy Blood Alive? (pg. 65)
• What role does the Virgin Mary play in End times? (pg. 72)
• Can Biotechnology offer Immortality? (pg. 88)
• What was the Nazi’s agenda in birthing twins? (pg. 96)
• Just WHAT is an Eikon? (pg. 114)
• Is the Vatican hiding something in their Secret archives? (pg. 120)
• Did Mary Magdalene and Jesus have children? (pg. 131)
• Have world leaders established a new Tower of Babel? (pg. 139)
• Are sexual perversions leading humanity to Armageddon? (pg. 145)
• Is the New Age Jesus already being worshipped? (pg. 148)
• Who is behind the Illuminati? (pg. 155)
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