Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh is an alumna of South Georgia College, Valdosta State College and Nova University where she received her doctorate in education. Her background involves working as a researcher, counselor, mental retardation professional, human services director and consultant.

Dr. Joye ’s complete biographical history is featured in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Women, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, Who's Who in American Education, and Who's Who in Georgia.

Joye is a member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is a descendant of Dr. John Taliaferro, a Minuteman who fought during the American Revolution. Dr. Joye is the daughter of the late Stella and CB Jeffries III. She is married to Melville Eugene Pugh.

Dr. Joye has written six books and one abridged and updated audio edition as well as an album of 12 original songs. These include: "ANTICHRIST The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ" (December 1999), "Colours of Joye" (August 1975), "EDEN The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666" (December 2006), and AUDIO "EDEN The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666" (Updated and Abridged Edition), (January 2009). "Before Time Stops" (Album-2010); "BEGUILED Eden to Armageddon Volume One" (September 2013); Volume Two (October 2013); Volume Three (November 2013). https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=9781625104250

"ANTICHRIST The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ" was a best seller at Armageddonbooks.com reaching #1 in the TOP TEN BEST SELLERS for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2008 and January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2009; January, February, March, May, June, July and August 2010. This book is no longer in print.

"EDEN The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666" was in the TOP 50 BEST SELLERS of Prophecy books at Amazon.com during January 2008 and went to #1 in three Best Seller Categories (Theology/Eschatology, Prophecy) in February 2009 with a Sales Rank of #200 for all books sold at Amazon.com and was also #2 at Amazon UK. Along with Eschatology # 30 and Prophecy # 10, Eden reached the Top 10 Best Sellers when it climbed to #9 in Prophecies during February 2010. Eden reached #5 in Best sellers at Armageddonbooks.com in February 2010. EDEN also reached #8 in Best Sellers at Armageddonbooks.com for June 2008 and hit #2 in February 2008. In 2010 it hit #9 in September and #10 in October. EDEN again Hit #1 in Prophecy and #1 in Prophecies as well as #1 in Eschatology at Amazon.com in September 2010. It remained in the Top 50 for the month of September 2010 and October 2010 in these 3 categories. Dr. Joye was ranked in the Top 10 Best Selling Authors at TATE Publishing. EDEN hit #15 in Top 100 Best Sellers of Biblical Studies-Prophecy at TOWER BOOKS (www.tower.com) in October 2010.

The audio version of EDEN was completed in January 2009. AUDIO EDEN is a comprehensive abridged edition which is also updated and a great companion to her book EDEN. The audio edition is a 12-Disc CD Set. It is also available as a digital download. The Audio edition and/or download can be ordered on-line at: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-60462-028-3

The audio version of EDEN was completed in January 2009. AUDIO EDEN is a comprehensive abridged edition which is also updated and a great companion to her book EDEN. The audio edition is a 12-Disc CD Set. It is also available as a digital download.

Dr. Joye's album "BEFORE TIME STOPS" released in 2010 includes 12 original songs about nearing the end of time.

Dr. Joye's latest nonfiction books are a 3-part series called BEGUILED Eden to Armageddon Volume 1, 2 and 3. Volume One became available in September 2013 with Two and Three following in October and December 2013.

Dr. Joye has written hundreds of articles about the mentally and physically handicapped for various newspapers and magazines over the years. Because of these outstanding articles, she was presented the prestigious Georgia Association for Retarded Citizen’s “News Media Award” and their state “Public Education Community Service Award.” Dr. Pugh’s writing also won her the coveted Georgia Special Olympics distinguished “Outstanding Writer Award” and “Spirit of Special Olympics Award.” She was also the recipient of the “Humanitarian Award” from the Nathanial Abney Chapter of the Daughter's of the American Revolution as an outstanding Author – Educator – Humanitarian.

Dr. Joye was chosen by Eunice Kennedy Shriver to serve on the International Special Olympics Task Force to improve athletic training for handicapped athletes in the world. As a certified coach, Joye trained mentally and physically handicapped athletes for State, Regional, USA and International competitions in a variety of individual and team sports for over 12 years. She served two terms on the Georgia Special Olympics Board of Directors in Atlanta and received their “Award of Excellence.” She was grant writer, founder and past president of two HUD projects in Irwin County which she served as Registered Agent for: Irwin County Resources Complex and Camelot Court, Inc. These million dollar projects, as well as, and her highly praised and respected Special Olympic Programs were funded under her leadership of annual non-profit fundraising events for over 12 years.

"Dr. Joye,” as she prefers to be called, was the name given to her by some of her outstanding athletes. Besides being an outstanding athlete herself, she also, began her musical career playing the drums, Caribbean percussion box, tambourine, and a little trumpet at age 6. When she turned 9, she started piano lessons. At age 10, Joye began playing the guitar. Dr. Joye wrote her first song at 13. Many years later, at 38 years of age, she added playing bass guitar and a little saxophone to her musical capabilities. The 6 string Banjo was added to musical talents in December 2008.

Dr. Pugh started playing Conga drums and percussion in her local church’s Praise and Worship band  in 2005. She, also, has been a pianist and organist for Satilla Baptist Church in Irwin County during their weekly Sunday AM, PM, and Wednesday night services. Dr. Joye has been writing and composing her own songs, as well as, rearranging and performing the music of others as a solo artist since 2004.

Joye began singing with her younger sister, Gaye, as a duet for church specials and holiday events, as well as, at various local pageants when they were young children. She was a member of the Irwin Academy Youth Choir which competed on a yearly basis. At 12, Joye joined the Satilla Adult Church Choir. She and a musical friend, Steve Gibbons, traveled as the Duet Team, Gibbons and Jeffries, in 1975 to various churches in South Georgia where they performed services of contemporary music, as well as, oral interpretations of scripture which she developed from the sermons of James Weldon Johnson.

Dr. Joye founded the unified Sunny Dale Ensemble in 1987 to offer mentally and physically handicapped singers and musicians the opportunity to perform with non-handicapped musicians as a group. Daily music classes were offered by Dr. Joye and her group performed annually at local events in South Georgia.

As founder, lead singer and guitarist of the band BLAZE, Dr. Joye performed before several thousand attendees at the Opening Ceremonies of The Georgia Special Olympic Summer games held on the Emory University Campus in 1997.

Dr. Joye joined the band Receptacle in 2007 as keyboard player and traveled and performed with them at various venues including the RBM Latter Rain Conference in Athens, Georgia. She left the group in order to pursue her own musical career as the solo artist “Dr. Joye” in 2009. She performed at various church related events in the South Georgia area during 2009.

“Dr. Joye” was offered and signed a recording contract with Tate Music Group on July 15, 2010. She went into the studio and recorded her CD entitled “Before Time Stops” using her own musical talents to accompany her 12 original songs. Dr. Pugh received Christ and was baptized when she was 11 years old. Her love for prophecy began at 6 years of age after having an unusual and prophetic dream about the End of Time. Her gifts of interpreting prophetic events increased even more after reading the Book of Revelation and Hal Lindsey’s "Late Great Planet Earth" at age 13. From there she continued writing speeches for college involving Biblical and Scientific issues affecting this generation. Her Master's thesis was entitled, “Light: A Theory Of Alpha And Omega - From The Beginning Until The End.” Joye continued her research and received accolades from her Curriculum Professor during her doctorial studies for her final paper, “A Theory of Alpha And Omega – From Beginning Until The End.”

Dr. Pugh’s dissertation, “A Program to Decrease Obesity in the Mentally Retarded Adult Population” was a major applied research project encompassing 18 months of training and data collection which allowed her to scientifically prove her theory that mentally retarded adults could achieve the same physical level as that found within the normal population. The subjects, some both mentally and physically handicapped within the clinical trial she developed, all achieved and were presented Presidential Sports Fitness Awards; something no other mentally retarded group had ever achieved. Many of her adult subjects went on to compete in athletic events against non-handicapped individuals, thus proving mentally retarded individuals do not have to remain on the sidelines of life but can successfully engage in strenuous and advanced levels of competitive sports without adverse affects. Dr. Pugh is keenly interested in how the spirit within human beings allows subjects with limited mental and physical capabilities to transcend established expectation. Her theories prove that if the normal population could somehow transcend expectation then there would be no limit to capability; as capability is harnessed by what one believes one can achieve.

Most importantly, for over 30 years now, Dr. Pugh has been involved in researching Biblical prophecy. Joye consults with people from around the world on various issues and current events involving science and religion.

View the trailer regarding her latest trilogy of research - The Book Series entitled: BEGUILED Eden To Armageddon Volumes 1, 2 and 3 http://youtu.be/XnGUCcw_cj8

Dr. Joye" had a supernatural dream at age 6 about the End of Time and her 40 years of research into that dream has allowed her to tell the world what is about to happen in our generation.

Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh’s past books Eden The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 and Antichrist The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ have, both, been Eschatology, Prophecy and Theology Best Sellers as mentioned above. She and her research have been featured on The History Channel and many National and International Radio Shows. “Dr. Joye” is a recording artist; writing and composing her own songs with an album entitled “Before Time Stops.” She is featured in Who’s Who in the World and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  "Dr. Joye" received her doctorate from Nova University, her master's and bachelor degrees from Valdosta State College and her associate from South Georgia College. Her research interests include: Ancient History, Archeology, Astronomy, Physics, Biblical Prophecy, Secret Societies, Paganism, Demonology, Biotechnology, the Human Pineal Gland, Nanotechnology, Cloning, Modified Food, Vaccinations, Ebola, Marburg and other Hot Viruses, as well as, Government control through surveillance and harmonic resonance, Unexplained Phenomena ( such as: UFOs, Animal Mutilations, CROP Circles, Strange Weather Patterns, Plagues, and Electromagnetic Anomalies), World Religions, the Vatican, Theology, and the Holy Shroud of Turin.

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